I was a late 'rave' bloomer; so whilst I'd been listening to rave music from 1991, I didn't start partying until 1994 where my "mad dancing skills" could be witnessed at such events as Raindance, Regression, Fusion and Obsessed, as well as the odd night out at Bouncey (Sheffield) and the odd random visit to such places as Labyrinth (because 'the student loan came good').

I regularly DJ for Obsessed (who you may know as Obsession before a change of ownership) in the late 90's supporting them at various parties across the Midlands and South-West in places such as Plymouth, Birmingham and Swindon.  I also played guest slots on local stations and appeared at occasional free parties such as Midwood Gathering before 'adult life' took over.

I have a preference for dirty stabs and screw-your-face-up acid, but I do also love a good piano anthem.  For me it's all about 1991/1992.