DJ Relm

Started off as a bedroom Dj on a set of soundlabs when i was 15, from then i was building my record collection of mostly old skool and hardcore, from here i started to follow the happy hardcore scene when it was at its early stage, moving forward, i fell out of love with the scene and was mostly focusing on private functions in bars and clubs. 

I then made the fatal mistake of getting rid of all my vinyl, i was so sure that i wouldn't rave again or even play the music again.

Moving on a number of years, i got the buzz back for the music, i was asked to drop things like Baby D and Sweet Harmony, that was it, i was back in love with the music when i seen the reactions i was getting. 

Since then i have not looked back, i was a big listener to DJ Rated X on Origin FM, plus all the other pirate stations, then came the birth of Lazer FM back in April 2015. This is when it all started. Since that day i haven't looked back, I have maintained the Friday night slot for nearly 5 years playing a range of different genres, from Old Skool, Hardcore, Jungle, Happy Hardcore and DnB plus some classic house and also the club classic sets.

myself and DJ Bagpuss then started to put on a few events, starting with the free event, guests on that night included, DJ Sy, Fat Controller, DJ Vibes and Krome & Time. That then leads us on to the Jungle Revival series bringing along some of the scene's big hitters, DJ Rap, DJ Tango (RIP), Nicky Blackmarket and DJ Randall just to get us started. Part 2 had Rachael EC, Vinyl Junkie, DJ Dazee, Uncle Dugs Dizzy Blonde B2B Jaguar Paw ft Yush plus DJ Demo.

Part 3 introduced Missrepresent, Bassline Beenie plus some of our previous artists.

Time for a change and we introduced Hardcore Revival, what a night, a huge sell out on the night, and a night not to forget, taking to the wheels of steel for this was none other than Ellis Dee, DJ Vibes, Fat Controller, Jason J and Miss Monday, not forgetting a selection of our very own Lazer FM DJ's.

As we continue with our revival series - The Next Chapter we are bringing along Some rave legends. DJ Pooch, The House Crew and non-other than Billy Daniel Bunter.

Like all that wasn`t enough, we were so honoured to be asked to host a couple of pool parties at Unity in the sun 2019. this was a huge achievement for our CV, so 2019 is still shaping up to be a great year for Lazer FM.